Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Hair

With Fashion Week quickly approaching, the right side of my brain is going crazy.  I want to do something fun and a bit different, but without getting too crazy.  Wearing outrageous clothing is great, and putting on vibrant make-up is super fun, but one trend that I've been loving to death are all the bright colors everyone is putting in their hair.  I've done the whole half crayon color, half normal color thing, so I sought inspiration from to see something different.  What do I come across?  Jean Paul Gaultier's 2012 Fall/Winter runway.  All his girls had the tops of their heads sprayed in loud colors, to play on "recession-roots", that has been popular for the last couple of years.  Eureka!  It's perfect, now to decide on a color...
Of course orange is the first option, but honestly since my hair isn't bleached, it doesn't turn out as vibrant as I would like it to.  I'm thinking either my old favorite, pink, or going really dark with purple.  Decisions, decisions.  Anyways, here are my favorite examples from the show, and hopefully in a couple days I'll show you how mine turned out.

Great win by the Giant's today!!  Man, are we looking strong.  Keep it up guys!



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