Sunday, August 19, 2012

Your Rally Gear = Anything Under the Sun

So, the other day I asked for photos of your rally gear.  Got a few things from hairstyles to babies, here they are :)

@Giants55's rally gnome in San Diego

@giantslady4life's lanyard

Some extremely interesting "rally hair" in SD submitted by @mamayuen

Prrreeeettttyyyy adorable twin good luck rally babies by @bachase44

Oddly enough, the only clothing/accessory photo I recieved was this belt buckle by @istrong1, and it's awesome.

Lastly, another super cute good luck rally baby submitted by @MrsClooney32

Thank you guys so much for participating.  Lets gather ALL of our rally gear, and get a big win tonight in LA.  #GOGIGANTES #BEATLA and all of that good stuff :)

But really, #BEATLA.



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